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New Mexico State University
College Of Health and Social Services
Nursing, Public Health Sciences and Social Work

Peace Corps Coverdell Fellows and RPCVSO

Current and Previous RPCVs

Photo of Blake Stogner
Blake Stogner
Country of Service: Vanuatu

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Student Organization


The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers have a thriving community in Southern New Mexico/El Paso Area and often work in partnership with the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Student Organization. RPCVSO is a social group for RPCVs at NMSU. In addition to the occasional potluck, RPCVSO seeks out projects that help our local, national and international communities. Some of their recent projects included:


  • Collaborating with other student and community organizations to establish a library for a local domestic abuse shelter
  • Working with domestic abuse shelters in Juarez, Mexico to bring more awareness to the domestic violence issue and help the shelters raise crucial operating funds
  • International fair for a Juvenile Center
  • Assist in planting garden for Community of Hope, a local homeless facility
  • Participating in the Susan G. Koman Foundation Race for a Cure.
  • The RPCVSO is involved with Peace Corp Week each March and plan a variety of activities and events through the week, to share their stories and encourage people to consider Peace Corps as a life changing experience.

This page last updated on February 15, 2012